Whether you’re flipping a house or looking for a new patio, let Castor Materials help you make your project a success. Our capabilities and experience make us a perfect fit for any job.

The more time you give us the better we will be able to service your needs, but at least a day or two is preferable (min 24 hours)

We accept will call orders; just confirm them by 7:00 AM on the day they are scheduled. If there is a change in your order, call us no less than 1 hour before your scheduled delivery time. Cancellation charges will be applied without adequate notice.


Residential Products


Castor Materials provides both concrete and masonry sand as aggregates for projects. Concrete sand is the most common aggregate for cement and hot asphalt and works well for condensing pipes and layering pool floors. Masonry sand resembles concrete sand but is much finer, and customers should purchase this type for projects requiring smoother textures like floors for pools and fountains.

Know Before You Order

Order (at least) 10% more than what you think you’ll need

It’s better to have more stock on hand than to have it run out in the middle of your work. That’s why it’s best to order more sand than you think you’ll use. Check our Materials Calculator for quantity help.

Give us the details

The more we know about your project, the more we can help you choose the right type of sand. What kind of work are you doing and how smooth of a texture do you need? Our sales associates are here to help you answer any of your questions.

Help us deliver efficiently

For delivery, please send us an exact address for your location — street names are a must and any cross streets would also be appreciated. Please provide a clear path to your work site.